Live / Hybrid / Virtual event productions

We connect you through virtual and physical spaces with your attendees.

Europe is our main playground: Amsterdam Barcelona Paris London Lisbon Berlin Madrid. Connecting to many other places New York Dubai New Delhi Singapore Los Angeles San Francisco Nairobi Kaapstad.

We can’t wait to make your ideas a reality!

Live events - AV Service Amsterdam

We are a one-stop shop for assisting and organising meetings and presentations. With our strong international partnerships and experience worldwide, we offer complete event production services, and stay ahead of the market with newly implemented solutions. Our experience is both in business to business and financial meetings, as well as marketing events.

Hybrid events

In these unprecedented times, the whole world needed to make a turn. Online events have become a new standard to overcome the limitations these times bring.

But now is also the time to look ahead. Not only limitations should guide us to the future but also a good thought on our carbon footprint and sustainability as a whole.

We are well equipped and very experienced to help you creating an hybrid event, that combines a solid live experience with an excellent online experience.

Green screen studio Amsterdam Holland

Aiming at the highest engagement of your audience, online events we support go beyond a simple video-conference. By adding smart solutions to your programme, we are able to enhance the experience. A well thought-through technical setup enables your presenters to really connect to the audience.

By creating a virtual expo, you and your partners will be able to maximise the reach of your expo. Integrating video-connections, greenscreen studio setups and breakouts enables an engaging programme. We have plenty of experience with many platforms, cost-effective, and where needed fully custom built, top-notch 3D environments.

Never let go of your appetite to go after new ideas, new experiences, and new adventures.

We've been building for over 25 years

25 years is a long time in any business. In ours, it’s practically unheard of. The partnerships we’ve built over the decades are founded on trust and a culture of openness and professionalism, keeping the human touch as our top priority. There’s always more work to be done.

Eventvision will continue to strive to stay a leader in this regard.

Our Services

services audio visual

– Broad range of technical support services for events

– Staging design and production

– Online, hybrid and live events

services selection

– Preparing and coordinating RFP process for all suppliers

– Assisting in vendor selection

– Coordinating all vendors before, during and after the production

services planning

– Coordinating with venues

– Logistics planning and execution support

– Central role in the overall planning

services site support


– Assisting customer where needed (and beyond)

– Full service production design and execution

– Showcalling and camera-direction

services graphic design

– Creating impressive visuals (still and animated)

– Aligning content to corporate identity

– Speaker support

services editing

– Both inhouse and external production facilities

– Inhouse sound design

– Scalable service levels

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